What is a Flexible Pick and How Does it Work?

What is a Flexible Pick and How Does it Work?

If you have been a Fruit Share Steinbach member before, you may notice a key difference between how picks have been run in the past versus how it is on Fruit Connect. Fruit owners now have the ability to indicate whether or not the date and time of a pick is flexible. For example, pick dates can span over a week instead of being on one specific day and time. Here’s why we’ve implemented Flexible Picks with Fruit Connect.
Fruit Connect gives fruit owners greater flexibility in setting harvest dates and times. If they prefer to have one set time to encourage several volunteer pickers to come at once, they can do so. Or they can select a Flexible Pick where they can set a general time frame. If they choose this option the fruit owner can have several pickers over several days or they can email all pickers who have shown an interest in their pick and try to coordinate one group pick.
A Flexible Pick doesn’t mean a collective pick can’t take place. We encourage everyone involved, pickers and fruit owner, to arrange a collective pick by emailing each other. Our hope is that this method will allow more fruit to be harvested, shared and enjoyed.

How a Flexible Pick Works:

When you are creating a pick in order to create a Flexible Pick, click the Flexible Pick box and fill out the date and time range that you would be comfortable have pickers come to your tree/plant.

Once pickers have signed up for your pick you will receive an email with the pickers' email addresses and you can communicate directly with them directly about the day(s) and time(s) when the pick(s) will be happening.

Some pickers might prefer to choose a Flexible Pick because they might be better able to fit the pick into their schedule.

Remember whenever a pick occurs the harvest is divided three ways, 1/3 to the picker, 1/3 to the homeowner, and 1/3 donated to a Community Organization (for ideas look here.)


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