Tips for Communicating About Picks

The goal of Fruit Share Steinbach is to connect Fruit Owners and Pickers so here are some helpful tips:

  • Create picks that are during time when pickers are usually free: evening, weekends, during daylight hours.
  • An email notification will go out once a day to all paid subscribed Pickers whenever a new pick has been created.
  • Check your email for notifications about the picks that you have created or signed up for. If the weather is bad and you want to reschedule the pick, Fruit Owners and Pickers should communicate by email to plan for a new picking time.
  • If the Fruit Owner has to cancel a pick, that can be done by signing on to Fruit Connect, clicking on the pick and then clicking the orange "Cancel" button the left. An email will be sent to Pickers registered for this pick to indicate it has been cancelled.

  • The Fruit Owner can change details of their picks by logging onto Fruit Connect, choosing the corresponding pick and clicking the blue "Edit" button on the left. After the details have been edited, an email will be sent to Pickers who have signed up for this pick. Be sure to communicate with the Pickers by email to make sure their availability is not affected by the changes you have made to the Pick.


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