Complete Harvest Feedback

How to Complete Harvest Feedback

You’ve had a great time meeting new people and gathering lots of fruit at a pick. Now you’re wondering, what do I do afterwards? There are a few tasks we ask you to complete after attending a fruit pick.
Donate Fruit
We ask that you donate 1/3 of the fruit that has been picked to a community organization. We recommend speaking amongst the group to decide who is able to arrange the logistics and volunteer to drop off the fruit to one of the organizations. There are many organizations in Steinbach and surrounding areas that accept fruit donations. If your community organization would like to receive fruit, email us at to be added to the map.
You have the opportunity to provide some feedback once you’ve completed a pick. In order to do so, view the specific pick on Fruit Connect and scroll down to the area where you can submit your feedback. This helps us to keep track of how much fruit has been harvested throughout the season and where it was shared. The feedback section looks like this.
Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 12.10.11 PM
Submit Photos
If you’re a shutterbug and like to take photos while picking fruit, we’d love to see them! Please send any photos that you would like to share with us to We are always looking to grow our photo library.