Share and Pick Fruit

Fruit Connect


What is Fruit Connect?

The goal of Fruit Connect is to provide an easy tool for fruit owners and fruit pickers to connect so that existing fruit can be harvested, shared and enjoyed.
Fruit Connect is a self-serve, online tool that enables fruit owners and fruit pickers the ability to coordinate fruit picks without the need for a third party to manage pick arrangements.
With this tool, fruit owners list their fruit and fruit pickers select which fruit they’d like to pick. Pick details are managed between fruit owners and fruit pickers via email communication between all harvest participants.
Fruit owners and fruit pickers are encouraged to share the fruit equally between fruit owners, volunteer pickers and community organizations.
The tool also links to information about how to harvest fruit, where fruit can be donated and recipes for using local fruit.

How does it Work?

Fruit owners and fruit pickers subscribe to Fruit Connect to be able to share surplus fruit and/or sign up to pick fruit.

Anyone can subscribe but in order to sign up for picks you must be a paid subscriber by paying a yearly $10.75 fee. Fruit owners don't need to be paid subscribers to request harvests.

To subscribe click SUBSCRIBE HERE or enter this address in your browser
Fruit owners create a Pick to describe what fruit they have available for picking, where the fruit is located and when the fruit is available for picking.  They can set a specific date and time for a pick or they can create a Flexible Pick which allows fruit pickers to contact them in order to arrange a convenient picking time within a certain time frame. Click here for detailed instructions on How to Create a Successful Pick.
Fruit pickers can browse all the fruit that is available for picking. They can sort the list of available fruit by fruit type, neighbourhood or date. They can select any of the listings to get more details about the pick and then choose whether or not they wish to attend a certain pick.
Fruit owners and fruit pickers communicate via email to finalize and confirm pick details. Click here for tips for Tips for Communicating About Picks.
Once a harvest is done, it’s important for pickers to let us know how much fruit was picked and with whom it was shared.  Click here for instructions on How to Complete Harvest Feedback.
There are no limits or restrictions as to how many picks a fruit owner can create or how many picks a fruit picker may attend within the season. Fruit owners can also sign up to pick fruit if they wish.

Remember whenever a pick occurs the harvest is divided three ways, 1/3 to the picker, 1/3 to the homeowner, and 1/3 donated to a Community Organization (for ideas look here.)

How much does it Cost?

The fee to register per season is $10.75. (Anyone can subscribe, if you would like to sign up for picks you must be a paid subscriber. Fruit owners don't need to be paid subscribers to request harvests.) If you would like to avoid the $0.75 online service charge email us to pay by cash or cheque.
Subscriptions expire on December 31 of each year. There are no pro-rated fees.

Who runs Fruit Connect?

Fruit Connect is managed by Fruit Share Steinbach, a group of volunteers dedicated to picking, sharing and enjoying fresh fruit growing in backyards throughout Steinbach and surrounding areas.  As a volunteer run group, Fruit Share Steinbach has limited ability to get involved in managing individual picks. With this system, the onus to coordinate fruit picks is on the fruit owners and fruit pickers.
Technical expertise and development of this tool was provided by the good people at Tactica Interactive.
This project was supported by a grant from Healthy Together Now by Southern Health.