Pick Your Own Apples, Go Home with Cider!

We are hosting a Cider Press Day where you can bring your own apples and we will help you press them using our new Stainless Steel Cider Press.


Wednesday Aug. 30th, 2017

How does it work?

1) Fill out this Sign-up Sheet to tell us about your apples (or crab apples) and choose a time slot.

2) Pick all your apples and bring them to our Cider Press location at your assigned time.

3) Help press all your apples. Fill all the containers you brought.
(Pressing can take between 30 min. and 1 hour.)

4) Take your cider home and enjoy it!
(Fresh cider keeps in the fridge for up to 1 week, then it must be frozen.)

Note: In order to have access to the Fruit Share Steinbach Cider Press you must be a member. Sign up online at http://fruitconnect.fruitsharesteinbach.ca/ or pay $10 in person.
Donations are also welcome.

Are my apples ripe enough for cider?

If your apples are ready to eat then they are perfect for cider. The more ripe the apple, sweeter the cider.

#36115 Road 39E

Directions: Drive east on Loewen Blvd. towards La Broquerie, turn left, going north, on Road 39E. Drive 3/4 mile until you reach #36115. If you hit the stop sign you went too far.