Veggie Picking at Niverville Homegrown

First we get the notices for crabapple picks. Then the plums. While the crabapples are still powering on, the notices for full size apples appear, as well as a pear tree or two. More apples ripen and then we have a couple grape picks. If we're lucky, someone offers tomatoes. This time, we capped off the season with some massive veggie picks!

This year, groups of volunteers went out to Niverville Homegrown to help harvest Chantal Wieler's surplus veggies. Niverville Homegrown uses only natural growing methods- among them, natural fertilizer and only organically approved pesticides. Around a dozen people went out over three evenings, harvesting carrots, beets, squash, watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, jalapenos, chard, kale, and cilantro. The combined estimated total weight of all these veggies came in at 2000 pounds. Whoa!
Participants went home with their cars loaded up with produce- it's a wonder they weren't dragging on the pavement, with so much squash in the back. Mountains of giant beets and bundles of kale joined them, along with the melons, herbs and carrots. All that bounty ended up in canning, freezing, and a variety of meals.
The portions for charity were donated at many locations. The Steinbach Family Resource Centre received produce for their annual fall fundraiser, as well as for participants to take home. Soup's On also sent some home with their patrons and used it in their kitchens. Union Gospel MissionSiloam Mission, and the Broadway Neighbourhood Centre in Winnipeg all received vegetables for their meal programs. The impact of this rescued produce was incredible. Thanks Chantal for sharing so much with our community!