Plum season is here! We've had quite a few harvests as of late. Harvests big enough for one picker to take home boxes and bags full at a time. But what to do with an overabundance of plums?

Such a lovely color
When a plum is ripe, it should be firm but still have some give when you squish it gently. The riper it is, the more squishy and less firm it will be. When it doubt, taste one.
Plums can be prepared in a lot of ways. In Asia and the Middle East, green unripe plums are often pickled. Being unripe makes the preserves crisp and tangy. Plums can be pickled in salt, a traditional food in Japan. They can be pureed into a sauce, or pureed with apples to make plapplesauce.
Fun to say AND fun to eat
They can be preserved as a compote, which is fruit in honey or syrup. They can be made into a cordial to add to beverages. Or made into wine or brandy, and then made into vinegar. The whole fruit can be dried, or pureed and made into fruit leather.
Sweet plum jam
Plums can be baked into cakes, or made into a thousand combinations of delicious jams, with raspberries or mints or jalapenos. They can be made into chutneys or relishes with endless spice variations. These are sauces for meat or stir frys or other dishes.

Homemade plum sauce ready for spring rolls
Or they can be baked into roasts and casseroles, or spiced, or eaten right off the tree, or made into juice or soda to enjoy on one of the last hot summer days...

An evening's work
How do you prepare your plums?