Our Third Annual Fall Jam!

Wow, what an awesome turnout at the Fall Jam! The wind and weather made our celebration feel cozy as we lit the stone fireplace. We had coffee, cider, pie, and great music to listen to.
The concert by Daniel Koulack & Co. was amazing. They played us a variety of songs from different cultures and eras. The variety was fascinating.

Booker Blakely, aside from being our square dance caller, led the pie auction. Who knew we had so many hilarious hardcore bidders? The stakes get high when you're playing for homemade pie...

Booker talked us through a few different line dances and square dances. Most folks had no experience, so it was a fun and easy way to learn. People of all ages got up and danced- even the littlest ones.

This was so much fun, we're already excited to do it again next year. Is anyone interested in a monthly square dance event? If you are, let us know!