Apple Picking Workshop with Elmdale School

In late fall we partnered with Elmdale School to do an apple workshop. One of our fruit tree owners kindly offered up her tree for the grade 2 class to pick. They came over in the bus one afternoon and got to learn about how Fruit Share rescues fruit from people's yards that would otherwise be wasted. Then, we share it with people who don't have enough. They learned that picking apples gently, ensures that the branches remain intact so that they can produce fruit again next year.

The students loved seeing how colourful their chosen apples were, and how they could all look different and still be good to eat. There was a lot of exclaiming over the bruised and wormy apples as well, which they enjoyed throwing into the compost box or the bush. We were lucky to have parents help the kids climb onto stepstools to better reach the fruit.

Each child had a bag or a bucket that they filled to the brim with the harvest. Altogether, the students picked around 100 pounds of apples in an hour and a half. Who knew one tree could produce so much fruit and entertainment? The excitement was apparent as everyone compared their personal hauls and favorite apples.

The next day, they made the apple crumble in their classroom. What a fun project! In groups of 4 they combined the ingredients to make one recipe of crumble. Then each student cut up his/her own apples that they had picked to make two little crumble pies.

The pies were baked in the staff room. At the end of the day, each child got to eat one with some vanilla ice cream.  The students said it was delicious! Everyone got to take one of their pies home along with a copy of the recipe so that they could teach their families how to make it. They also got to take home 6 apples to share with their families. The next day, they made apple sauce with the left over apples.

All of the cores and scraps got taken home by another teacher in the school.  Her pigs and cows had quite the feast! She videotaped it to show the students the next day. Melissa Fry, the facilitating teacher, says "We talked about the life cycle of the apple and also how our food can be composted or put back into the ecosystem in an environmentally friendly way. This has been such a fabulous learning experience for our students!  Thank you so much for making this happen!"


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